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Why You Should Start Working on Your New Years Resolutions NOW!

Hey everyone!

New Years feels like the perfect time to start over and make new resolutions, right? It’s a fresh year, you can leave the drama of the previous year in the past and you can feel like a totally different person in the space of a day, it’s amazing.

The only issue with this is that it never really seems to last. You make a resolution to go to the gym 4 times a week and within a month you’ve stopped going, or you make a resolution to eat cleaner but still end up eating a ton of Chinese takeaways within a week (literally me). The reason for this is because a lot of the time, people tend to go cold turkey on their habits come the new year and go from 0-100 real quick – this is never going to be sustainable, no matter how hard you try.

In order to make a habit last, you need to ease into it and stick with it! I know that sounds pretty simple but no one tends to realise this. If your new year’s resolution is to start going to the gym 4/5 times a week then start now. Start next week going once or twice a week for the next two weeks, then vamp this up to 3 times a week when you’ve managed to stick to going twice a week. Be realistic! By easing into a habit, you allow your mind and body to adjust, this means that you’re more likely to stick to it.

By starting early you’re also allowing your body to have a transition period so that you can start the new year with a bang and really achieve your goals. I know that mentally it’s all “new year, new me” but that shouldn’t be the case. Trust me and start towards your new year’s goals now.

You really need to take it slow and ease into the new year rather than expecting a drastic change to last. My advice would be to start now, start slow and download a habit tracker from the app store on your phone. Downloading a habit tracker and noting down when you’ve done what you needed to do or gone a day without alcohol or junk food will ensure that you’re holding yourself accountable for your actions.

In addition to this, January tends to be a hard month for everyone. You’re back at work, funds are often low and the festive season comes to an end. By starting your resolutions early, you’re taking some of the strain of January off of yourself. You won’t have to deal with ensuring you’re sticking to your habits while dealing with work and/or children! Realistically, waiting until January to start is just hindering your chances at sticking to your resolution and meeting your goals.

So – take it easy, start now and believe in yourself!

-Shannon x

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