Answering Your Questions!

Hey everyone!

Last night on instagram (@sha.nxh) I asked you guys to send me in some questions for a mini Q&A… Many of these questions aren’t the usual Q&A type so here goes!

General Questions

  • What’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done? (Sober and drunk)

Genuinely, I do a lot of embarrassing s*** all the time – I honestly couldn’t tell you the most embarrassing thing I’ve done because it’s all pretty bad. However, lot of my embarrassment comes from falling over… for those who don’t know, I’m the clumsiest person I’ve ever met.

Because of this, I’ll tell you about my most embarrassing injury…

I once sprinted into a lamppost while drunk, bounced off of it and fell down a kerb into a parked car. Literally. I ended up on crutches for around 6 weeks and my leg still isn’t fully healed. I’m great.

  •  Who inspires me?

Honestly, any strong, independent woman or person as a whole who stands up for what’s right and doesn’t take any grief inspires me. This could be anyone, my mum, your mum, some random shop owner down the street. Anyone. I’m inspired by people who don’t drag others down to be able to get where they are.

  • Where do I get my outfits from?

If they’re on my instagram – probably femme luxe finery! I don’t tend to shop at any single shop more than any other, although I buy a lot from primark, pretty little thing, zara and missguided.

  • Why did I start blogging?

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for so many years – literally since I was about 13 when I first got tumblr. Until recently I kept talking myself out of it thinking that everyone would laugh at me or no one would want to read my posts but I kinda just bit the bullet and went ahead with it. Blogging gives me something to look forward to outside of uni and work. It’s a kind of outlet to write what I want and I’m so glad I’ve done it.

  • Any blind date horror stories?

Sadly I’ve never been on a blind date! I have been on some very awkward dates though, not for any horrific reason but for the fact that the date was just so dead. I’ve literally been on dates where we’ve just sat in silence because we had nothing in common to speak about, and dates where guys have ended up lying and actually had girlfriends and I’ve literally gotten up and left when I found out but I feel as though that could be a whole post on its own!

  • What songs do you listen to in the car?

Honest to god I listen to cringey 2009 songs by people like Iyaz and ne-yo to try and relieve my childhood. It’s so lit.

  • Have you ever had a terrible breakup?

Lol. Yes.

  • What’s your favourite chat up line?

“I would love to take you on a date to the cinema but I can’t, you’re not allowed to take snacks in”

Someone said this to me the other day and I honestly nearly snorted, it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard.

  • What’s your biggest fear?

Right now – finishing uni and not being able to find a job anywhere.

  • Arrange these in their level of importance: Love, money, family, friends, career, happiness

From most to least important: happiness, family, friends, career, love, money… I think?

  • What’s the most you’ve ever had to drink?

Way too much sambucca, lampost night.

  • What’s your workout regime?

I don’t have a strict regime as I tend to listen to my body and work out what suits me on the day. I do, however, have a general breakdown where I do legs/lower body twice a week, core twice a week and then upper body twice a week.

I mainly workout via weight lifting although very rarely I’ll spend an hour or so doing only cardio a week too.

I also alwaaaaays start and end a workout with incline walking!

Would you rather?

  • Would you rather never leave the UK again or never come back?

Probably never come back? I hate being trapped.

  • Would you rather never blog again or never post on instagram again?

I genuinely can’t choose, I love both so much. Maybe never post on instagram?? I dont know!!!

  • Would you rather never receive a gift again or give everyone in your family a sex toy as a gift this Christmas?

100% give everyone a sex toy, I think it’d be hilarious.

-Shannon x

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