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Supplements?! A Review of the LQ Liquid Health.

Hey everyone!

First of all, I’d like to apologise for my lack of posting recently. I’ve had a really hectic uni and work schedule which has meant social media has needed to be placed on the back burner.

I hope you have all been well and had a good November!

Today I will be reviewing the LQ Liquid Health – Skin, Hair & Nails supplement. I was gifted this to try from the company themselves, however, this product usually retails for around £29.99 and can be found in drugstores such as boots, or on the LQ site itself (here).


For £29.99, you get 10 x 50ml bottles of a liquid supplement that is said to contain marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, silicon and a range of other minerals and elements. Personally, I don’t think £29.99 is a bad price for a set of supplements, as this is the price I see the majority of them priced at in Holland and Barrett.


This supplement is supposed to help with the formation of collagen which aids the normal function of skin, as well as aiding in the protection of cells from oxidative stress. From my knowledge, oxidative stress is a result of an imbalance within your body which can contribute to a number of diseases, as well as ageing. I would suggest doing your own research on this, however, as I am by no means qualified to provide this information. I’ll provide some educational links at the end regarding this topic for you!

The instructions for this supplement are to drink one bottle per day – seems pretty simple, right?

First things first, I am not usually a supplement kinda gal. A lot of the time I think supplements are bs and in most (not all) cases, you could get everything you needed from a healthy, balanced diet. That being said, my hair and nails are something I have always struggled with. My nails are prone to being thin and breaking easily, while my hair is just super damaged from bleaching it, so I thought I’d give these supplements a try.

I should write a disclaimer that I will not be able to review the impact of this supplement on my nails as I have had acrylics on the whole time… oops. Nevertheless, I will be commenting on my skin and hair.

So, without further ado – let’s get into it!

1 – The Packaging, taste and other general aspects.

I must say, I do enjoy the fact that this supplement comes in liquid form rather than a large tablet like many supplements appear to. This is just a personal preference for me as I am not über keen on taking tablets.

Surprisingly, the taste isn’t bad either. It’s hard to explain what it tastes like, it’s almost kind of citrusy to me. Either way, its a relatively nice taste for a supplement, it’s not something I’d drink for fun but it’s also not something I dislike either. The small size of 50ml is also very easy to drink quickly in one sitting – as fast as you’d be able to consume a tablet. This makes the product very convenient in general.

In terms of design, I like how clear all of the ingredients are, as well as how pristine the packaging looks in general. The bottles are small but sturdy enough to travel with which is useful.

2 – The outcome.

As I mentioned earlier, I will unfortunately not be able to comment on whether this product has had a positive effect on my nails due to my acrylics.

However, I can officially say that I have had comments on how my hair appears longer and healthier by those who have both known me a long time, and those who have only known me for around a month (due to a change in job).

I do also believe myself that the condition of my hair has improved, it appears shinier and more conditioned despite me not changing any part of my hair routine other than adding in this supplement.

Obviously, this supplement isn’t going to cure irreversible damage or heal your hair breakages. However, if you’re looking for shinier hair which appears to be stronger – this supplement may work for you.

On the other hand, I cannot see a clear difference in the condition of my skin. I’m unsure as to what this supplement is supposed to do to your skin but I’m guessing it’s to do with anti-ageing and elasticity due to the collagen.

This lack of difference might be due to the product itself or it may simply be down to the fact that this is only 10 days worth of product – which may not be enough to impact the condition of your skin.

In future, if I were to purchase this (or any other) supplement, I would most likely ensure that I have around a months worth so that I can truly judge the results.

3 – Overall Rating.

Overall, this product proved to be an OK hair supplement, however, the effects of it on your skin and nails are questionable.

While it was easier and more convenient to consume than a tablet, the resulting appearance in my skin and hair was not drastic. I believe that you’d have to consume this for at least a month to see any real changes.

Despite this, the product was easy to consume and is much better than a supplement that is in tablet form.

Taste: ★★★
Packaging: ★★★★★
Skin: ★
Hair: ★★★
Nails: N/A
Overall: ★★★

Would I recommend it? Most likely!


Sites for oxidative stress:

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