What’s in my bag? / Essential Items for Autumn

Hey everyone!

Today I thought I’d do a mini ‘what’s in my bag?’ post as if we’re back in 2009 watching Zoella. There’s no real point to this – it’s just a little bit of fun as I tend to carry around so many unnecessary items.

Side note: The Bag I’m Using

The bag I’m using for this is my Fiorelli Carlton Shoulder Tote bag (ps. its currently on sale for £31 in Debenhams) (pps. I only found out it was on sale when I searched the name of it, I’ve had mine for a year :()

This is my go to handbag as it’s large enough to fit all of these items in, yet small enough to not look bulky. 

Number 1 – The Essentials

Let’s get the boring items out of the way. Of course I carry a purse and my phone around in my bag. Exciting right?

My purse is a solidly old and worn down River Island purse and I definitely need to buy a new one. However, it does include some embarrassing club photos from when I went out in Clapham. I’ll insert these for your entertainment below.

Seriously – I’m incapable of taking nice photos and trying to look cute cause all I can do is pull dumb faces.

I also carry my holographic diary everywhere because I rely on it so heavily (and it cost me £13). It’s super pretty and I’m 100% obsessed. 

Seriously look at that reflection!! (and ignore the mucky front).

Number 2 – The Beauty Products

There are 4beauty products I always, ALWAYS carry around with me:

  1.  Some hand cream
  2. A moisturiser
  3. Setting spray or some matte powder
  4. A lipbalm

First of all, my go-to hand cream is the palmers coconut oil hand cream. This sh*t smells h e a v e n l y.  I probably apply way too much of this every day but I just love how moisturising it feels. 

You can get this hand cream for around £2.50 in literally every drugstore or supermarket. It’s the best choice you’ll make. As you can see, mines nearly empty because of how much I use!

I tend to carry a face moisturiser in the autumn and winter around with me as I don’t wear make-up every day. This means that if I’m out for too long and my face is starting to feel tight or dry I can give it a little TLC. 

For this I either carry around the rich moisturiser from simple, or the neutrogena oil-free moisturiser. 

For the days I am wearing make-up, I carry setting powder or setting spray to try and contain my wild and oily skin. The setting spray I’m currently using is the revolution pro fix, however, it’s almost ran out and I want to try something new. 

Finally, the last beauty product I overuse is lipbalm. I honestly carry about 4 of these around with me everywhere I go – no judgement please. 

I have one in my pencil case for uni, some dotted around in coats and the rest are scattered within all my bags. 

I thought I’d list some of my favourites considering I have an addiction:

  • Nivea original care – definitely the thickest and most moisturising
  • Carmex moisturising lip balm – smells amazing 
  • EOS – if you wanna be extra and carry an egg everywhere with you

3 – Perfume

Now this is a common one. I tend to carry a different perfume or body spray around with me each day depending on how I’m feeling.

In my bag currently is the Paco Rabanne Lady Million – one of my favourite ever scents. 

4 – The Extras

Finally, I also carry around a portable charger because I use my phone too much, and a fork. Yes… a fork.

This is because at work I tend to eat a lot of microwave rice on my break and theres never any clean forks, so it’s become a basic habit to carry a fork around with me now. 

My life revolves around food. Deal with it. 

-Shannon x 

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