WildMint Lush Lash. Do Lash Serums Actually Work?

Hey everyone!

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying out a new vegan lash serum that I was gratefully gifted by WildMint Cosmetics.

This is a lash serum that’s said to make your lashes ‘40% longer, 30% fuller and 20% stronger’. It retails for £39.00 which is pretty pricey in my opinion, however, each tube is meant to last 3 months.

For £39.00, you get 4ml (0.14 fl Oz) of product that’s:

Cruelty Free
Toxin Free
Gluten Free
and pH balanced amongst other things.

wild mint

Luckily for me, I’ve always had fairly good lashes. They aren’t the thickest – but they have a nice length and curl to them which I’m happy about. This has meant that I’ve never been too bothered about getting a lash lift or extensions as with a little bit of tint I’m usually good to go. That being said, I’m always open to trying new products which might enhance my skin or lashes natural features, which is why a working lash serum would be ideal for me.

First of all, the image below are my natural lashes. This was taken 3 days into using the serum as I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture.


Now, here are my lashes now after just 3 weeks:


Really sorry I couldn’t get the angle the same, I legit took 50 attempts. Also excuse the random glitter residue everywhere.  I went a bit OTT with procrastination and decided to turn myself golden.

Firstly, I’m not sure if you can tell through the images but my lashes are definitely longer. It’s extremely noticeable in person.

I’ve also noticed that my lashes take product WAY better than they ever have. Honestly, a single coat of any mascara looks so so so much better on my lashes recently. They look more voluminous and standout-ish when I have a thin layer of black mascara on.

To add to this, the application is super easy. You apply the formula to the roots of your lashes twice a day in the same way you’d apply a liquid eyeliner. The gel is clear and can be applied before mascara leaving no mess or residue. I personally like to push the product into my lashes to ensure that the roots are all covered.

Now, I need to be honest in saying that I haven’t been consistent in my using of the serum. Nothing in my life is consistent right now with my random work and uni schedule. Sob story time. However, I have tried my best to use it at least twice every two days, so I have had a fair use out of it – but it is still important to note that you do need to remember to use this product twice daily to get the maximum results.

Because of my infrequent use, and the results I’ve had in just 3 weeks, I will be continuing to use this product and will post an update in a months time if anything has changed.

Overall Rating:

Price: ★★
Formula: ★★★★
Packaging: ★★★
Results: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes if they were someone with shorter or thinner lashes. Probably not if they had naturally thick and voluminous lashes.

Would I purchase it myself? I think the price is a little too high end for me right now, unless the results after 3 months are drastic.

Despite this, I do genuinely love this product and I’m extremely grateful to have been given the chance to review it.



2 thoughts on “WildMint Lush Lash. Do Lash Serums Actually Work?”

    1. More than likely this is due to the fact that your eyelashes constantly fall out and replenish themselves – if you were to stop using the product of course later on your lashes wont have the same benefit because theyre not the lashes you applied the product onto. like most hair and skin products if you stop using them youre not going to have the benefits of them 🙂 the only thing you can do to ‘permanently’ improve your hair and skin is to maintain a healthy balanced diet or in some cases have surgery 🙂


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