A Full Face Review of Primark Makeup – YIKES!

Pri-mark, pree-mark, primarni. However you say it, if you’re from the UK, you’ll know what it is. It’s that one shop that will have a ton of über nice clothing in it but will add some dodgy sequins or a random pattern to it to make it not-so nice. You know what I’m on about.

Personally, I love Primark. I genuinely cannot go into town without popping in and buying some random top for £3 or adding a ton of socks I don’t need to my basket just because they’re near the checkout desks. It’s like a clothing addicts heaven (bar the constant mess of the clothes), but I’ve never really sampled any of their ever-expanding makeup range.

In the past I’ve tried some £3 eyelashes which weren’t very good – no surprises there – and a £2 medium coverage mattifying powder which I’m a fan of, but that’s literally it. So for some reason, I decided I wanted to try and create a full face of makeup using some of the cheapest products I could find in my local store.

Buckle up – this is a long one.

Firstly – we have the base…

1 – Foundation

Now for the base, I chose the ps… my perfect colour – perfect finish foundation in porcelain. This is a medium to full coverage foundation which retails for £2.50. Literally the cheapest foundation I’ve ever seen. You also get 35ml (1.1 fl Oz) of product which is more than the usual 30ml.

I’m honestly surprised to say I don’t hate it. The formula and finish are both nice and it’s by far the best colour match I’ve found out of any drugstore foundation I’ve had. The formula itself isn’t watery nor thick, it’s actually a good midpoint, while the finish is slightly more on the matte side with a hint of natural dewiness.

I’d definitely say its more medium coverage than full coverage too, however, an extra layer would increase the level of coverage for sure. For some reason, my mac won’t let me upload the image of my skin with this foundation on – sorry!

At the time of writing this, the foundation has been on for 3 hours – so not that long – but it’s not at all shiny or breaking up yet.

2 – Concealer

Sadly, the local primark to me didn’t have any concealers left that were light enough for me so I decided to use my Revolution Conceal and Define concealer in C1.

3 – Powder

For powder, I decided to stick with the ps… my perfect colour mattifying powder in cool sand. This is the only product on the list I have tried before. This powder retails for £2 and is said to be a medium coverage powder with 10g (0.35 fl Oz) of product.

I love this powder so much. It definitely adds coverage and mattifies your skin – the only downside is that you’ll likely need to re-apply this to your t-zone once or twice in a day to ensure that it stays fully matte.

Despite this, it’s definitely worth £2. I live for this powder now. Seriously.

4 – Bronzer / Contour

Sadly I couldn’t find any contour palettes in the store, so it was decided that I would purchase a face and eye palette which contained a bronzing shade in it. Big mistake.

For this I used the goal digger face and eye palette which retails for £5 and contains one blush/bronzer and 8 eyeshadows of varying size and formula – I’ll touch on the shadows later.

The bronzer is in the shade passion and I hated it. It was waaaaaay to orange for my skin tone and didn’t blend well. It also lacked pigment and after around an hour it no longer looked like I had any bronzer on, it looked more like I had the wrong foundation shade on around my cheeks.

5 – Blush

As the final staple base product, I decided to side with the ps… blush in shade secrecy. This retails for £1.50 and is genuinely amazing. The high pigment formula has a slight peachy sheen to it meaning that my cheeks literally glisten with it on but in a way that looks natural. I’m shook.


This blush is now going into my everyday essentials bag and will remain a staple piece in my collection for a very long time. Honestly, if you love blush – try it!

It’s time for the highlighter!

And honestly – it’s a disappointing time.

The ps… opal highlight & glow kit is a dead ringer for the ABH glow kits. Literally the exact same style of packaging but for only £5 – and that’s how much it’s worth. No tea no shade.

In this palette you get 4 shades: glow all out, game changer, spotlight and blinding. These can be seen in this order in the images and swatches below.



The swatched highlighters are shown with and without flash here. Honestly, they swatched okay, but when I tried applying them with a brush to my face all of the pigment seemed to disappear.

Blinding and spotlight were the only two shades that left any pigment on my face, however, golden tones don’t tend to suit me – so I’m left with only the shade blinding as a usable, natural finish highlighter out of all 4 shades.

It’s all about the eyes.

1 – The shadows.

As mentioned previously, for my eyes I used the goal digger palette. Within this palette there are 8 shadows, with only 2 of them being matte. Lord help me.

The shade names are as follows (from left to right, top and then bottom rows – excluding the bronzer): top line – success, boss, empower and hustler – bottom line – motivate, golden, fortune and dreamer.


The swatches aren’t great, let’s be real. The two dark brown shimmers (success and fortune) did turn out nicely  – but when am I ever going to use a dark brown shimmer on my eyes?

For today’s eye look I decided to use empower as a transition shade, with boss in my crease, and both dreamer and motivate as a shimmer on my lid.

The two matte shades were okay to blend, I wouldn’t say they were easy to blend with a nice even coverage, but they weren’t too bad either. You get what you pay for essentially, but for what equates to around 55p per shadow (incl. bronzer) I’m pretty happy.

The shimmer shade dreamer won it for me though. The formula wasn’t too chalky and had a really nice payoff! It’s definitely a nice, natural shimmer you could wear every day or glam up!

2 – Lash time!

For my lashes, I purchased the ps… false lash effect mascara for £2.50. As you can see from the images above – this mascara added a whole lotta volume to my lashes.

Normally I’m a ride or die KIKO mascara fan, I’ve purchased around 8 bottles of their extra sculpt mascara, however, I do have a lot of love for this super cheap primark mascara.

I’d 100% buy and wear this again, and for the super cheap price I might try all of the primark mascaras! I usually prefer a sculpting / curling mascara and I know they have one of those so I’ll definitely be checking it out.

3 – Disaster number 2, the eyebrows.

OK – there were literally NO eyebrow products in primark at all, and I mean none. Because of this issue, I decided to use a brown kohl eye pencil for an eyebrow pencil and boy… it was messy.

The pencil itself is super creamy and I feel would work really well to tight-line your waterline – but as an eyebrow pencil? Just don’t. It’s not worth it. My eyebrows are two brie triangles right now. They’re thicc. 


I don’t know what I was expecting honestly. I deserved the thick brows.

The grand finale! Lips!

For my lips, I purchased two products but only used one for this look – the velvet whip lip creme in light pink.

I believe this retails for £2.50 (I took the label off accidentally) and is a mini size with 4.5ml (0.15 fl Oz).

I personally love this formula. It’s creamy and non-sticky with a matte appearance, without the drying effect of a matte liquid lip. It’s definitely not going to be kiss proof, but it doesn’t claim to be. Its a semi-matte finish so it won’t ever fully dry down, but it looks gorgeous!


This will also be one of my staple makeup items this autumn, in every colour they do. Legit.

An update – 6 hours after application.

I’m sticky. So sticky. I haven’t applied powder since I first did this makeup look so I’d expect to be somewhat oily, and for a combined total of £4.50 – the foundation and powder have done well.

The eye makeup remains completely intact, while the bronzer and highlighter are smudged and messy. Oops.

Overall, I’m relatively impressed with the quality of this makeup, it’s way better than I expected!


Overall, this makeup cost me around £24 (including the other lip product not mentioned) which is ridiculously inexpensive for a whole face of makeup.

The ratings I’d give each product are as follows:

Foundation: ★★★
Powder: ★★★★
Bronzer: ★
Blush: ★★★★★
Highlighter Palette: ★★
Eyeshadow Palette: ★★★
Mascara: ★★★★
Kohl Liner: ★★ (for eyebrows)
Velvet Lip: ★★★★

In terms of price, all are 5 ★’s.

Thanks for reading!

-Shannon x

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