Budget ‘Beauty Blenders’ – Are They Any Good?

Hey everyone!

Today I will be briefly reviewing the Sport FX Blend & Go beauty sponge, as well as touching on other beauty sponges such as those from Primark and Real Techniques.

As a quick side note, I have decided to aim to write 2 blog posts a week – a shorter piece such as this one, and a main piece. This is due to me having a heavy workload at university – hope that’s okay!

For me, a beauty sponge/beauty blender is an essential part of my makeup routine. I tend to use my beauty blender for literally the whole of my base, including my foundation, concealer, and contour – you name it and I’ll probably use my sponge for it.

However, as much as I adore beauty blenders, they’re slightly too high in price for my current budget, and as a result of my lack of funds, I have ended up experimenting with cheaper alternatives.

Over the last month or so I have purchased beauty sponges from Primark, Superdrug, Real Techniques, and most recently, Sports Direct (realistically I’ve spent way more on all of these than just buying one genuine beauty blender which defeats the point but oh well!).

Despite all of these purchases, I can honestly say that until I bought the beauty sponge from Sports Direct, none of the beauty sponges I had used lived up to the standards of a real beauty blender.

The Primark sponges were way too hard and didn’t absorb any water when rinsing it before use. This meant that the sponge didn’t increase in size when wet and was quite honestly horrible to use.  Similarly, the cheap beauty sponge I bought from Superdrug also didn’t rise to the challenge and remained relatively dense and ‘un-spongelike’ when wet. Literally, these sponges might as well have been completely solid and non-porous.

Both the Primark and Superdrug sponges actually absorbed a lot of product when used to apply foundation, meaning that the coverage of your foundation is actually reduced and the sponge needs a much more thorough clean after use – not good. I should also note that both of these sponges retail for around £2.50 and are the cheapest sponges I purchased. I must have been expecting a miracle.

Next was the Real Techniques sponge which retails for around £5.99. This sponge is a relatively good replacement for a beauty blender and actually blends your base out fairly smoothly. My only real issue with this sponge is its size – it’s far larger than any other beauty sponge I have seen which makes it difficult to get into the smaller areas and cracks of your face.

If you’re someone who doesn’t tend to wear eye makeup or does your eyes last, the Real Techniques sponge might be fine for you as there’s no risk of you ruining your liner or shadow, however, I definitely would not recommend this sponge for people like me who do their eyes first!

Finally… The Sport FX Sponge.

I genuinely think this sponge might be a lifesaver, and no – this post is not sponsored. It’s my genuine opinion.

I had heard about this sponge once or twice on youtube from SophDoesNails but hadn’t actually seen it in store or heard anyone else speak about it other than this so I wasn’t sure what to think when I first bought it, or whether I should actually buy it.

Luckily for me, they were 2 for 1 at the time, so I managed to get two of these sponges for only £4.99 (they’re usually £4.99 each). Each sponge comes with a smaller pointed tip for the harder to reach areas, as well as a round base and angular sides.


My first thought was how soft the sponge is when dry, it’s not nearly half as dense as any other beauty sponge I’ve used and as a result of this, is relatively small and compact.

The sponge also impressed me once wet, it increased in size enough to allow for perfect blending, but wasn’t too large that you had to fight to cover your under eye or around your nose (see the below photo for reference). The photo with the red jacket in is before I rinsed the sponge under water. 

The Sport FX Sponge had the best application by far, it applies my foundation practically flawlessly onto my face and tends not to leave any obvious pores or fine lines. This is now the sponge I’ll be sticking to, especially for £4.99!

Don’t believe me? Head to sports direct now to try it for yourself – or buy it directly from the Sport FX website here!

If you’re like me and live for dupes and have another sponge I should try, please let me know as I’m always looking for extra bargains!


Price: ★★★★★
Quality: ★★★★
Feel: ★★★★
Blendability: ★★★★★




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