Testing and Reviewing the Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation

Hey everyone!

After a quick poll on Instagram (@sha.nxh) it was decided that you guys wanted to see me test the relatively new Revolution make-up foundation, so I went out and bought it just for you. I’ve seen quite a lot about this foundation floating online – mainly positive things – and I wanted to see for myself whether it’s really worth raving about.

Also, a quick disclaimer – I am not a make-up artist, please don’t come for my lack of make-up skills. I’m just someone who enjoys wearing make-up and testing products!

Now, this foundation is marketed as a ‘full coverage’ matte foundation which comes in 24 shades while only costing £9. Yes – £9! It essentially seems like a larger version of their conceal & define conceal and contour which is priced at £4.

I personally tend to side with matte foundations as I tend to get rather oily around my nose. I also chose to get a darker shade than my skin purely for the fact that it was the only one left as these foundations are constantly sold out in the Superdrug near me, so after this review I’ll be using lightning drops and other foundations as a mixer to create the right shade for me – however I didn’t want to do this today and alter the formula of the foundation as that would not be fair for this review.

For £9, you get 23ml (0.8 fl Oz) of product which is actually less than the usual 30ml (1.0 fl Oz) you’d usually get with many foundations. The product is encased in a gorgeous frosted glass case and contains a rather large ‘dofer’ applicator.


Right off the bat, I took a dislike to the applicator. Not only does it make it difficult for those wishing to transfer the foundation to another pot for travel purposes, but it also seems like it would be hard for an MUA to use on multiple clients without somehow spreading unnecessary bacteria. I also noticed that when using this applicator, product splashed out on multiple occasions and went on my carpet, which may be in part due to my clumsy nature but nonetheless is something to watch out for.

On application, I first found it hard to know how much product to use and how much would come off of the applicator, however, this issue is something I got used to very easily and after a few swipes, could estimate how much product I’d need to use for each section of my face.

The formula blended out easily and dried at a nice pace (not too fast) which allowed for full blending before becoming more mattified.

Although the application was smooth, I did notice that the foundation very quickly sank into my smile lines and forehead lines, while also accentuating the pores on my nose. Despite the fact that I repeatedly tried to go over my nose with my beauty sponge, the foundation just would not sink in and left me with very obvious pores on and around my nose. This is something I absolutely tend to avoid with foundations but is an issue that usually goes away with the application of concealer and powder over the area – not in this case. None of my efforts seemed to help this situation so eventually, I gave up.


The coverage appears to be rather full, however, there’s a tiny pimple on my forehead where the redness still slightly shone through after application – although I think if you applied another thin layer of foundation over this area it would be completely covered. It is also an extremely matte finish foundation, which is something I love.

I also find that the formula is really texturising and would be rather unflattering for someone with already texturised skin.

Side note: I applied this foundation at 9am and will be doing a wear test for approximately 9 hours with no touch-ups.


3 hours in: I can feel my T-Zone getting sticky and oily, however, the foundation is still intact and hasn’t separated.

5 hours in: There’s definitely separation occurring around my nose and on my chin, as all the foundation is starting to wear off and go patchy.


So, here’s the real T. After just 8.5 hours I’m having to take this foundation off. It would have been earlier but I’ve only just gotten home.

My skin is currently mega shiny/oily, to the point where I can feel how sticky my face is without even having to look at it in a mirror or touch it. Honestly, my skin looks as if I’m sweating in the middle of the summer heatwave we had this year – not good.

Although I tend to get an oily T-Zone, it’s never usually this bad. The products I used today (excluding the foundation) are the same products I would usually use and I haven’t done any hard work today which would make me sweat.



The foundation has massively begun to separate because of this oiliness and has sunk deeply into all my fine lines (I sound like a middle-aged woman). I definitely needed some powder to keep re-setting this foundation all day.

On the parts of my face which aren’t prone to oiliness, the foundation has remained pretty well, so if you’re someone who’s skin isn’t oily then I’m sure this would be an amazing foundation for you!

For myself, this foundation was a huge letdown. I expected so much from the foundation after all the amazing reviews and to find out how badly it works with slightly oily skin is a great disappointment. Maybe I held it to such a high standard that I’m being too harsh, maybe not – but at the end of the day, this foundation is not long-wearing.

It seems like something I’d put on if I wanted to wear make-up out shopping for a few hours, providing I had some mattifying powder in my bag ready for any much-needed touchups, but would definitely not wear if I knew I was going to be out for a whole day.


Price: ★★★★★
Packaging: ★★★★★

Applicator: ★★
Application: ★★★

Coverage: ★★★★
Long-Lasting: ★

Final Review: ★★ (maybe ★★★)

Would I use it again? Yes – but it won’t be a part of my daily routine and would only be for a short time period where I can touch it up often.

Would I recommend it? Potentially due to its low price and coverage but not to those with dry or oily skin or those who want a natural finish.

Would I buy it again? No.

To conclude – this foundation is a creamy, full coverage matte foundation which (in my opinion) would best suit those who aren’t prone to oiliness or for those who want a cheap, daily foundation.

Thanks for reading!

-Shannon x


If you wish to buy this foundation, it’s available from both Superdrug (online and in-store) and the Revolution website here. 

Products used:

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser

Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation in C5

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer in C1

Primark My Perfect Colour Powder in Ivory

Collection Highlight & Sculpt

L’Oreal Le Blush in Sandalwood Pink (120)

Revolution Pro Supreme Highlighter in Ice

Revolution Reloaded Eyeshadow in Newtrals 2

Collection Glam Crystals Liquid Eyeshadow in Aura

Sleek Dip It Eyeliner in Black

Revolution Pro Brow Pomade in Ash Brown

Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip in Lusty Rose

Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray

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