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How I ‘Edit’ my Instagram Photos!

Hey everyone!

I wasn’t planning on writing this as I fully intended for my next post to be a review of the new-ish Revolution conceal and define foundation. However, I was browsing other blogs I follow earlier and took inspiration from ohmygosia and thought I’d include the apps I use to put filters on my images.

For me, these apps are great because I am u s e l e s s at using photoshop and Lightroom. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to create a preset that works with all of my photos, let alone actually edit a photo using these programmes.

Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I anywhere near a professional photo editor, nor are my edits any good, but I do feel as though these tips and apps may be helpful for beginners like me who are trying to develop some sort of theme on Instagram. Here I will go through the apps I use (or have previously use) to edit my photos and stories.


For Instagram Posts…

  1. VSCO. 
    I’m sure you’ve all heard of VSCO. It’s an app / programme that you can download to your phone or device and apply filters to photos, as well as editing features such as the grain, exposure and the general tone of the image.

    This is a great app for those who wish to play around with some basic filters as it’s completely free to download. You can, of course, buy more advanced and a wider variety of filters through in-app purchases if you choose to do so.

    This was the app I first started with, however, I felt as though many of the filters were very similar, and I never knew which filter to use for which photo which sometimes stressed me out.

  2.  Preview.
    This is the app I currently use to add filters to my photos. Once again, it’s free to download and comes with a couple packs as standard – however, I personally have chosen to purchase a few extra photo packs which cost between 99p to £3.99 each. This is because the app tells you which type of image each pack best fits, and I was experimenting with the type of theme I wanted to use on my profile.

    There are 16 packs in total ranging from ‘dark’ and ‘vintage’ to ‘pink’ and ‘colourful’. There literally is a pack for every theme you’d ever want to have.


    I personally switch between the ‘white’ and ‘white II’ packs as I find these to have the bright, crisp filters in. Each pack comes with 7 different filters in which all have slightly different presents in order to be compatible with a range of photos.

    As an example of how these filters differ and for the results they give on my photos, please see below.

    As you can see, the edited photos appear brighter than those without a filter applied. Although this may not be your preference, I’m currently trying to drag out summer by having bright and white photos.
  3. Facetune 2.
    Ooh, the controversy. 

    It’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t edit a new set of eyes or make-up onto my selfies. I simply use this app to fake having an iPhone X (poor student life).

    Facetune comes with a defocus option which helps to blur out the background of images, almost like portrait mode.


    Once again, this is free with the option of paying a monthly subscription fee if you wished to have access to all of the features (I don’t).

For Stories…

I tend not to use an app for stories as I’m not that advanced / never post proper stories, however, I do use an app called InShot if I’m making outfit collages. This is just a basic background editing app where you can combine multiple photos and change their frames etc.

Other good story apps which I have been recommended but haven’t used are:

8mm – for vintage stories. 
SNOW – again, good for vintage camera effects.
Font Candy
Hype Type (I have actually used this before)


Hope this helps, I’ll create another post in future if this changes!


-Shannon x

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