Get To Know Me.

Hey Everyone!

Since I’m new to this frequent blogging malarky I thought I’d do a quick ‘get to know me’ post using questions I found on google. This is just because I want this blog and my relationship with you guys more personal, rather than having no connection whatsoever!

So here goes…

  • Full name: Shannon D Hancock (I keep my middle name personal and only tell close friends and family). Selfies included below – how vain of me!


  • Birthday: 5th October 1996 – I’m 22.


  • What’s your zodiac sign? I’m a Libra!


  • Are you named after anyone? Yes, my middle name is my grandmothers name.


  • Where are you from? I was born in Bath, England, and have lived around that area for my whole life.


  • What do you study? I’m currently at Swansea University doing a postgraduate degree in Environmental Dynamics and Climate Change (I’m a massive climate change and weather nerd).


  • Do you love animals? 10000000% yes. I’m a HUGE animal lover & have so much love for even the tiniest of little creatures.


  • How tall are you? Around 5’2, maybe just slightly under. I’m around 158cm without shoes.


  • Favourite colour? I literally have SO many… my favourite colour to wear is red (red/white/black or red/white/blue are my favourite colour combinations). I also love forest green, yellow, and nearly every pastel colour.


  • Favourite band/artist? I genuinely don’t have one. It changes each day. I’m someone who listens to literally nearly every common genre of music, so it’s hard to pick just one band or artist.


  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Yes, I have two tattoos currently and a fair few piercings.


  • What’s one thing you’d like to change about yourself? Physically – either my nose or height, I’d love to be taller, although I’m a firm believer of learning to love yourself how you are. Personality wise I wish I was more empathetic to people, I don’t tend to be able to let myself feel what others are feeling – don’t get me wrong, I’m very sympathetic and caring, I just struggle to put myself in the mind frame of others.


  • Can you describe yourself in 3 words? Bubbly, Happy, Energetic.


  • If you were an animal what would you be? I’d love to try and claim I’d be something cool, but I wouldn’t be. I’d 100% be a Jack Russell. I have way too much energy 24/7 and can survive on barely any sleep.


  • Do you have any siblings? Yes, an older sister and two younger brothers.


  • Do you have any pets? Yes! We have two family dogs, and my sister has two dogs at her house which I like to pretend are also mine. I have two Portugues Podengos at home, while my sister has a Collie and a Pomchi.


  • Favourite smells? Vanilla, Coconut or Cherry.


  • Favourite foundation? It used to be mac studiofix, but I struggle to justify the price knowing they test on animals. I currently use Maybelline studio fix – but I’m currently on the lookout for a good vegan foundation which isn’t too pricey!


  • Favourite mascara? Kiko extra sculpt!


  • How many countries have you visited? Only 7 I believe. I wish it were way more!


  • 3 things that upset you? Animal cruelty, seeing my friends/family sad and people being nasty to each other – the world is hard enough to deal with without everyone being against each other!


  • 3 things that make you happy? Dogs/animals, thunderstorms and food – lots of food.


  • Tea or coffee? Tea, every day.


  • What laptop do you use? A MacBook Air.


  • Finally – How would you describe your fashion sense? Comfy and preppy. Or leisure wear if I’m being lazy.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this at least slightly interesting.

Ps: Here are my dogs for those who don’t know what a Portuguese Podengo is!


Casper is the male and he has longer hair, while Emmy is a short haired female. They’re brother and sister and were rescued from Portugal!

-Shannon x

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