On… Why Saying No Isn’t All That Bad.

“9 Reasons why saying ‘Yes!’ will change your life” “3 Reasons you should say YES more often” “why you should say yes more”.
With one simple google, it’s possible for your screen to become inundated with articles on why saying yes should be the one thing you change this year, but is it really the right decision?

If you’re anything like me, saying yes is part of your daily routine. In fact, I struggle to say no almost every time someone asks something of me, you could say I lack something of a backbone. While I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘people pleaser’, I hate letting people down which often results in people taking advantage of me in some way or another. Constantly saying yes and putting others first also means that I let my self-worth and value slip through my fingers, which increases the amount of stress and negativity in my life. Through these experiences, I have learnt that I need to say yes less often and commit to saying no and choosing what’s right for me.

This doesn’t necessarily mean always saying no, but the things I (and you!) say yes to need to be followed by saying no to a dozen other things. By saying no more often, it allows you to really hone in on what you want from life, whether this be the way your friends and colleagues see and treat you, or which business opportunities you really want to peruse.
For example, a brand which you have little interest in may approach you this week and offer you a collaboration deal – you could say yes and enjoy the opportunity you’re presented with, or you could say no and wait for a brand you truly love and feel represents you and your company to approach you.
While saying yes might provide you with some amazing opportunities, you never know which doors you’re closing by saying yes to certain things.

Here are 5 genuine reasons that you should consider saying no more often (especially if you’re a ‘yes man’ like me!):

You’re making more room for saying yes! 
As mentioned previously, saying no more allows for you to close fewer doors and open more opportunities for yourself in the long run.

You allow more time for yourself, as well as your family and friends.

You might even get rid of toxic friends and relationships which are causing you stress and anxiety.

You decrease your stress levels.
If you’re frequently saying yes to things that you don’t want to do, you’re going to stress yourself out both mentally and physically.

You’ll enjoy saying yes more than you ever have done. 
Saying yes less often means that allowing yourself a certain opportunity or experience will bring you more joy! It’s like if you have cake every day – it doesn’t really feel as exciting as it does if its a rare treat, does it?


At the end of the day, you need to make decisions for yourself, rather than putting everyone else first. While this might be the samaritan thing to do, you need to focus on your mental health and wellbeing before anyone else – and hopefully by narrowing down the things you say yes to, you can achieve this.

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